The Embassy Row Project Unleashes Project Titled "IDecarbonize"

By The Embassy Row Project | June 21, 2022

The iDecarbonize Project is a philanthropic project by critical infrastructure technology expert and founder of the Embassy Row Project, James Scott. iDecarbonize is a venture capital-focused incubator that identifies, promotes, strategically aligns, funds, and launches promising next-generation carbon capture and carbon sequestration technologies that combat climate change and contribute to minimizing carbon emissions globally. Select technologies are positioned to pitch and present for private sector trade globalization, investment, IPO, acquisition, and more.

“My advisory practice takes me all over the world with energy and infrastructure projects and decarbonization and carbon sequestration biotech and technologies are blowing up” explains James Scott “I'm just trying to do my part when I find technologies that can be high impact and scalable.” iDecarbonize also advises other environmental and climate change initiatives, NGOs, and diplomatic trade missions on sound practices that can decrease carbon emissions and proliferate environmental“best practices” when it comes to soil health and integrity-based carbon credit curation.

This project teams up with trade missions to package solutions that assist developing countries in their utilization of carbon credits as a mechanism to fund rural economic development and poverty rebound projects. iDecarbonize's mission is to identify carbon capture and sequestration technologies and initiatives, package them into projects with both technological strategy and academic fellows advisory, and apply international relations for direct government stakeholder communications. iDecarbonize then utilizes corporate and nation-state programs to introduce these packaged projects for grants and cap and trade carbon markets capitalization.“Our goal is to create the market for these promising technologies” explains Scott“and then either invest in them myself or introduce them to my finance network.”

iDecarbonize partners with experts and initiatives in the following areas:

• Soil Science, Biotech & Synthetic Biology

• Carbon Sequestration Technology

• Agritech

• Carbon Markets (entire spectrum, public/private)

• Urban Farming & Food Security

• Regenerative Agriculture

• Clean Energy and Energy Industry Sector-Focused Decarbonization

Contact iDecarbonize today for more information on their Grants, Scholarships, and venture capital programs.

About the Embassy Row Project:

The purpose of this project is to unify synergistically aligned initiatives into a potent movement that offers grant and scholarship awardees a newfound forward momentum. That momentum is applied to upgraded and enhanced organizational architecture that cultivates growth and internationalizes peer and stakeholder connectivity. iDecarbonize, Tectonic Labz , Emancip8 Project , and Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology are all philanthropic projects and 100% of the services are provided free of charge.