California Resources Corp announces Brookfield partnership

By California Resources Corp | August 08, 2022

California Resources Corporation (NYSE: CRC), an independent oil and natural gas company committed to energy transition in the sector, announced the formation of a joint venture (the "JV") with Brookfield Renewable ("Brookfield"), creating a carbon management partnership focused on carbon capture and sequestration (“CCS”) development and reported second quarter 2022 operational and financial results.

Brookfield has committed an initial $500 million to invest in CCS projects that are jointly approved through the JV. The investment from Brookfield will be allocated through the Brookfield Global Transition Fund (“BGTF”), the world’s largest fund dedicated to facilitating the global transition to a net zero carbon economy. Brookfield, together with its institutional partners, will participate in the joint venture through BGTF. The first CCS project designated for development is CRC’s 26R reservoir in the Elk Hills Field which was contributed to the partnership at a value of $10 per metric ton, which will be paid in three installments with the last two installments subject to achievement of specific milestones. The initial Brookfield commitment provides CRC with additional capital to advance the Company's carbon management strategy, de-risks its CCS projects and aims to significantly progress the decarbonization of California. The JV is targeting the injection of 5 million metric tons per annum and 200 million metric tons of total carbon dioxide ("CO2") storage development, aligned with CRC’s 2027 goals. Reaching this target would require an estimated $2.5 billion of total capital, and Brookfield could make additional investments of more than $1 billion in the strategic partnership assuming it fully participates in these CCS projects.

The strategic partnership will benefit substantially from CRC’s first mover advantage in gaining access to available storage assets in the state of California and Brookfield’s knowledge in global clean energy markets. California is a world-leading location for the development of CCS projects, driven by the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap-and-Trade programs, together with the federal 45Q tax credit of $50 per ton of COcaptured and permanently stored. CRC is currently progressing CO2 storage project permit applications and represents four out of the five Class VI well project applications active in California.

"We are pleased to partner with Brookfield to develop industry leading CCS projects that support California's energy transition," said Mac McFarland, CRC’s President and Chief Executive Officer. "The Brookfield partnership aligns our carbon management strategy with a strong investment partner, bringing significant operational and development expertise to reinforce our efforts. Brookfield's capital commitment also accelerates our carbon management opportunities. It also enables CRC to maintain capital discipline and financial flexibility to achieve our corporate objectives including achieving our Full-Scope Net Zero 2045 goal."

“Transitioning our economy to net zero is a critical global challenge and that means rapidly scaling our available decarbonization technologies," said Connor Teskey, CEO of Brookfield Renewable. "Brookfield Renewable has been a leader in delivering clean energy for three decades and now we see significant potential in the rollout of carbon capture and sequestration technology. Partnering with CRC presents a great opportunity to continue the growth of our CCS business and expand the scope of decarbonization solutions we provide to our customers."

California Carbon Management Partnership Highlights

  • CRC and Brookfield will jointly develop CCS projects in California through created JVs. The JVs will be owned 51% by CRC and 49% by BGTF
  • The California Carbon Management Partnership with Brookfield is an important step in CRC’s Full-Scope Net Zero 2045 Goal and Carbon Management Strategy. It highlights the value of CRC's expansive CO2 pore space portfolio while demonstrating the Company’s commitment to capital discipline and retaining flexibility for strategic corporate objectives including shareholder returns and investing in the business
  • Strengthens CRC’s competitive position in CCS deployment with Brookfield’s infrastructure investment experience, operating knowledge, and capital allocation. CRC and Brookfield are targeting the injection of 5 million metric tons of CO2 per annum over the first five years of the strategic partnership
  • CRC is committing $2.5 million over the next three years to the Kern Community College District (Kern CCD) and California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) to promote innovation and implementation of energy transition in California