InPlanet raises €1.2M for Enhanced Rock Weathering in the tropics

By InPlanet | January 19, 2023

The German-Brazilian-based company InPlanet raised € 1.2 Mio from the Impact Investors Carbon Removal PartnersÜbermorgen VenturesTrellis RoadKatapult VC, and Carbon Drawdown Initiative to build a scalable solution for Carbon Removal through Enhanced Rock Weathering in the tropics. 

Before launching InPlanet, CEO and Co-founder Felix had founded two software companies. After creating a CO2 balance for one of them and searching for solutions to offset unavoidable emissions, he realized that there is a lack of scalable, permanent, and safe solutions to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 

While visiting his friend Niklas in Brazil, they collaboratively identified the huge potential of Enhanced Rock Weathering for Carbon Removal in the tropics and founded InPlanet in August 2022. 

Throughout the earth’s history, most of our atmospheric carbon dioxide has been removed through the weathering of silicate rocks. They react with water and CO2 and as a result, dissolved bicarbonates are produced. Eventually, they wash away through groundwaters and rivers into the oceans where they form carbon-rich sediments.

InPlanet accelerates this natural Carbon Removal process by distributing suitable rock powder on agricultural land in the tropics, because climate and soil provide optimal weathering conditions. In addition to the ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere, Enhanced Rock Weathering regenerates tropical soils and fertilizes crops. This allows farmers to reduce the input of limestone, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. Therefore, InPlanet also contributes to emission reductions and a more sustainable way of farming, growing healthier and more nutritious food.

“We are thankful for the support of our pre-seed investors and excited to use the funding to grow our current team. In 2023, we plan to spread 50.000 tons of rock powder to remove 10.000 tons of CO2. This will allow us to generate unique and scientifically valuable data to understand the weathering process in the tropics even better”. Felix Harteneck, CEO and Co-Founder at InPlanet

InPlanet has built extensive scientific partnerships with leading universities in agricultural research like the University of São Paulo (ESALQ), Brasilia (UNB), and Newcastle. Collaboratively they are developing novel experiments for effective monitoring, reporting, and verification of ERW in Brazil.

InPlanet is also part of the Frontier Batch 2022 and the first German company removing carbon for Shopify and Stripe and was participating in the ClimAccelerator 2022.