Navigator CO2 Project Expansion Leads to Revised Permit in IL

By Navigator CO2 | January 25, 2023

Navigator CO2's vision of creating a comprehensive, safe and cost-effective carbon ecosystem continues to receive broad support from customers, communities and landowners. This support is reflected in the significant progress that the Heartland Greenway, one of the world's largest proposed carbon capture utilization and storage projects, has made over the past few months. To date, Navigator has successfully negotiated with landowners to secure hundreds of miles of pipeline right-of-way easements, thousands of acres of storage pore space, and the necessary well-sites to accommodate the initial injection capacity.

Given the successful progression of permitting and growing commercial commitments, Navigator will be filing a revised permit with the Illinois Commerce Commission before the end of February as a reflection of that expanded scope. With this new permit, Navigator will accelerate the development of additional permanent storage locations across multiple counties in central Illinois, which is a proven home to some of the best geology in the world for carbon sequestration.

"There continues to be a growing and diverse number of industrial emitters across the Corn Belt recognizing the value carbon capture technology provides for their businesses," said Navigator CEO Matt Vining. "With the increasing number of shippers participating in the Heartland Greenway and landowners' collaborative and responsive feedback, refiling allows us to streamline the application process in Illinois for all parties."

Navigator continues to work toward the development of a safe and responsible means to capture, transport, and manage the carbon of industrial customers throughout the Midwest, providing value for decades to come.