GLE Commences Engineering on Carbon Capture at Marquis Complex

By Gas Liquids Engineering | March 15, 2023

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) announced the commencement of detailed engineering on a major carbon capture and sequestration project for Marquis Carbon Capture LLC at the Marquis Industrial Complex that houses the Marquis Energy-Illinois, LLC largest dry grind ethanol plant in the world. CO2 will be captured from the facility, compressed, dehydrated, and injected into an on-site well for permanent underground storage, all located within the Marquis Industrial complex.  Once constructed, the project will be the largest operational BECCS (Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage) project in the state of Illinois, permanently sequestering 1,200,000 tons/year of CO2.


"This project is an exceptional application for CCS technology and will make Marquis a leading producer of low carbon bio-products. GLE is truly pleased to bring our experience and long-standing resume of sequestration projects to this project, which represents a major step forward in the decarbonization of the ethanol industry. We are proud to be working with Marquis on one of the largest sequestration projects underway in the USA."

  • Ryan Arnold, Director of Business Development, Gas Liquids Engineering

"Working with our community, we are building a sustainable world for future generations. This is an important step to decarbonize our bioproducts of feed, fuel, and chemicals."

  • Jason Marquis COO, Marquis, Inc.

Gas Liquids Engineering is a Canadian engineering service provider for energy and processing facilities, with one of the most extensive resumes of operational CO2 and acid gas sequestration projects. Since the first successful sequestration project in Canada in 1994, GLE has been the primary engineering firm on over 40 operational sequestration projects, and has provided process support, troubleshooting, and training on over 150 sequestration projects globally. With extensive experience in solvent-based extraction of CO2, CO2 compression, CO2 pipelines, and as a developer of CO2 dehydration technology, GLE is a North American leader in the design and project management of CCUS systems. Learn more about us at

Marquis has a long history of driving innovation in biofuel production with a diverse portfolio of multi-generational, family-run companies focused on continual innovation in creating a sustainable world. The Marquis Industrial Complex is located in Hennepin, Illinois and is leading by example in becoming a carbon-neutral industrial complex. Today Marquis is the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the world, producing 400 million gallons annually. Our robust team in the United StatesEurope, and Asia produce and market low-carbon feed and fuel solutions delivered around the world. Located on the Mt. Simon geological formation, the Marquis Industrial Complex has the capacity to store over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide using carbon capture technology. With its best-in-class logistics and global reach Marquis will lead in global decarbonization. Learn more about us at