Decatur City Council Approves ADM Carbon Sequestration

By City of Decatur, Illinois | March 22, 2023

The Decatur City Council approved an easement granting ADM the ability to sequester captured carbon 1.25 miles underneath land owned by the City of Decatur. The process involves liquifying captured carbon dioxide and injecting it deep into subterranean seams, cracks, and voids in geological layers that are unique to our area. It will be stored under several thick and stable shale and rock layers. 

ADM has been engaged in carbon capture sequestration (CCS) for ten years, principally on sites owned by their company. They hold the only Class 6 injection well permit from the USEPA for this purpose. ADM’s CCS project is closely watched by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Illinois Geological Survey at the University of Illinois. Additionally, the City reached out to its own CCS consultant, Intera, for additional analysis. Intera corroborated the Federal government’s review and supervision of ADM’s CCS process and they predict very little risk from this expansion. 

In addition to reducing the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere, CCS is another economic development incentive for Decatur. The City and the EDC has already been contacted by companies interested in locating in Decatur to obtain access to CCS. The federal government provides incentives and credits to companies that capture and sequester CO2 emissions. ADM has agreed to pay $450 per acre under which it would inject and/or store CO2.