Summit Carbon concludes IUB hearings for CO2 pipeline project

By Summit Carbon Solutions | November 14, 2023

Summit Carbon Solutions announced the conclusion of the Iowa Utilities Board public hearings, a significant event in the progress of the transformative pipeline project. This series of hearings, which extended over 25 days in eight weeks, represent a critical step forward in realizing the project that will capture CO2 emissions from more than 30 ethanol plants across 5 states.

The project stands as a testament to Summit’s commitment to creating new opportunities for farmers, strengthening existing agricultural markets, and ensuring the sustained success of the ethanol industry. Once operational, the company will benefit local economies through increased tax revenues and provide a stable foundation for the future of generational farming.

“This project is generational and transformative, and will allow family farms to continue to operate for generations to come,” said Summit Carbon Solutions CEO Lee Blank. “We look forward to continuing to partner with ethanol plants across our 5-state footprint to ensure the longevity of the industry as a whole.”

To date, 75% of impacted landowners in Iowa have signed voluntary easements with Summit. This figure underscores the community’s trust in the project and the benefits it promises. It also speaks to the company’s commitment to fair compensation and respectful land management practices.

The CO2 pipeline project is set to be a significant contributor to environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. Its successful implementation is poised to demonstrate the relationship between responsible energy development and sustainable agricultural practices.