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Mar 28, 2024

Climeworks signs 9-year agreement with the LEGO Group and KIRKBI

Climeworks and the LEGO Group entered a 9-year agreement to permanently remove CO₂ from the air. The USD 2.4M agreement means carbon removal will become part of the broad portfolio of initiatives the LEGO Group is putting in place to accelerate towards net zero. KIRKBI also signed a USD 405,000 long-term agreement to secure Climeworks’ high-quality carbon removal services.

Climeworks and Svante have signed a collaboration and supply agreement to further advance commercial-scale solutions for direct air capture.

Two years after signing their first carbon removal partnership in 2021, Climeworks and BCG sign an unprecedented 15-year agreement to rapidly scale high-quality carbon removal to fight global warming. This removals purchase of 80,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (tCO₂) is the largest of Climeworks’ corporate buyers to date.

Climeworks and JPMorgan Chase announce one of the largest purchases to date in the direct air capture industry between a single corporate buyer and a single CDR company – valued above USD 20M.

With a nominal CO₂ capture capacity of up to 36’000 tons per year when fully operational, Mammoth is a key milestone on Climeworks' ambitious scale-up plan of reaching multi-megaton capacity in the 2030s and gigaton capacity by 2050.

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