Inside Issue 2, 2022


SPOTLIGHT: Measure, Monitor and Verify CO2 with MicroSeismic’s Novel Technology

BY Danielle PiekarskiWith nearly two decades of experience and U.S. Department of Energy funding, MicroSeismic has developed, and will continue to develop state-of-the-art monitoring technology for the growing CCUS industry. READ MORE

SPOTLIGHT: Asking Important Sequestration Questions with SCS Engineers

BY Monte Markley SCS Engineers is engaged in providing Class VI underground injection control (UIC) permitting, design, construction, and operations & maintenance services for clients to support geologic carbon sequestration projects. READ MORE

SPOTLIGHT: Battelle: Proven Carbon Storage Expertise

BY Danielle PiekarskiAs a multi-faceted not-for-profit organization, Battelle tackles every element of a CO2 storage project while also channeling profits back into science and technology development. READ MORE

SPOTLIGHT: Avisen Legal: Providing Personalized Renewable Energy Solutions

BY Danielle PiekarskiAvisen Legal’s renewable energy team has years of experience and critical insight into business functions. Specifically, in the CCUS industry, Avisen covers all legal aspects of project development. READ MORE


Methods and Techniques for CO2 Capture

BY Marilyn J. Bruno, Ph.D. Algae is considered a prized renewable feedstock for harvesting, drying, and conversion into biofuels and biobased coproducts that can replace thousands of tons of petrochemicals and fossil fuels while efficiently capturing carbon. READ MORE

The Inflation Reduction Act: A Historic Win for Carbon Management

BY Leo Duke and Madelyn Morrison Though the Inflation Reduction Act was passed through the budget reconciliation process, this landmark law contains broadly supported carbon management priorities drawn from bipartisan legislation introduced earlier this year by Congress. READ MORE

Biochar: An Opening for Impactful Decarbonisation Investments

BY Melissa Leung and Saad El Kassab Given the important carbon price of the removals, the need for capital and the flexibility of financial models in the industry, biochar projects represent a real opportunity to invest in a multi-lateral solution to our climate problems. READ MORE

Capturing CO2 Emissions with Plastic Waste

BY Paul E. Savas, Wala A. Algozeeb, Ph.D., and Professor James M. Tour Rice University has developed a solution to reducing CO2 emissions while also alleviating the plastic waste burden using a simple modification to chemical recycling. READ MORE

There’s a NEU Path to Carbon Neutral Concrete

BY Drew Burns In a significant step to help meet carbon reduction goals, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) has established a uniquely positioned center, NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete. READ MORE

Reliable Measurements Mean New Opportunities for Carbon Capture

BY Justin Walsh Carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies, such as the gas probes and sensors used in this case, will play a progressively more significant role in the fight against climate change. READ MORE

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A Revolutionary Year for CCUS

BY Danielle Piekarski