New research set to increase carbon capture through cropping

November 14, 2023




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Scientists Bridge the 'Valley of Death' in Carbon Capture Technologies

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By Heriot-Watt University

July 17, 2024


A team of scientists from Heriot-Watt University is behind a pioneering platform named PrISMa (Process-Informed design of tailor-made Sorbent Materials) which uses advanced simulations and machine learning to find the most cost-effective and sustainable material-capture process combinations prior to implementation.

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In new research published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, the team developed a technique for ultrafast formation of carbon dioxide hydrates. These unique ice-like materials can bury carbon dioxide in the ocean, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere.

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A newly designed catalyst created by U of T Engineering researchers efficiently converts captured carbon into valuable products — even in the presence of a contaminant that degrades the performance of current versions.

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Researchers have developed a low-cost, energy-efficient method for making materials that can capture carbon dioxide directly from the air.

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NETL’s one-of-a-kind Direct Air Capture Center has commenced material-scale operations and is eager to expand partnerships with innovators that are interested in commercializing DAC technology, helping to meet the Administration’s goals of addressing legacy CO2 emissions and achieving a net-zero emissions future by 2050.

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