May 25, 2023

New report finds CCS in California is viable

BY Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLNL and the Clean Air Task Force have released a new report "Sharing the Benefits: How the Economics of Carbon Capture and Storage Projects in California Can Serve Communities, the Economy, and the Climate,” that examines the costs of carbon dioxide READ MORE

May 16, 2023

Fidelis New Energy brings industrial scale CCUS to Denmark

BY Fidelis New Energy The Port of Aalborg and Fidelis New Energy have just unveiled the plans for the new reception facilities, the initial phase of which will receive up to four million tonnes of CO2 annually. READ MORE

May 04, 2023

In Depth: Pinpoint Projects

BY Eric Rambech and Valentin Vandenmolden, Co-founders of Endrava Finding the best decarbonization projects is no longer a needle in the haystack READ MORE

May 03, 2023

In Depth: Address. Engage. Decarbonize.

BY Diana Leane GPI's Carbon Action Alliance Launches to Address Critical Step in Carbon Management Deployment: Education and Public Outreach READ MORE

May 02, 2023

Government of Alberta invests in CCS knowledge sharing hub

BY International CCS Knowledge Centre The world’s first open-source repository of knowledge and information about the development of CCUS projects will be established by the International CCS Knowledge Centre with foundational support from the Government of Alberta. READ MORE

May 02, 2023

Opinion: Capturing Carbon, Creating Solutions

BY Danielle Piekarski

April 25, 2023

Carbon Capture Coalition releases 2023 Federal Policy Blueprint

BY Carbon Capture Coalition The Carbon Capture Coalition released its 2023 Federal Policy Blueprint, a roadmap of policy, regulatory, and implementation-related recommendations for the 118th Congress and the administration to adopt as they support the carbon management industry READ MORE

April 21, 2023

International CCS Knowledge Centre release statement on CA plan

BY International CCS Knowledge Centre The International CCS Knowledge Centre has released a statement in response to the release of Alberta’s Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan. READ MORE

April 13, 2023

Economic feasibility needed for OCCUS adoption in maritime sector

BY Lloyd's Register New report indicates adoption of Onboard Carbon Capture Systems (OCCUS)is dependent on the economic feasibility for maritime supply chain stakeholders. READ MORE